Show your products from all angles

As well as still images, 360 photography also offers the opportunity for rich media such as video fly throughs and 360 degree panoramas; great for e-commerce and other interactive media solutions.

Room Set Photography

With years of experience and a team of highly skilled photographers, joiners, stylists and retouchers, Overview Photography is the obvious choice for your room set photography projects.

With open plan studios at our disposal, we are able to offer a full start to finish room set photography service to all of our clients. This vast space also allows for multiple set builds to be constructed and photographed at the same time, cutting down the production time for your final images if multiple sets are required.

As well as the large studio space, we also have a large storage area, allowing for materials to be delivered prior to set build at a time to suit you. All deliveries and stock are logged on arrival and will be checked back out and returned to you (if required).

At Overview, we pride ourselves on making sure all work is to the highest standard before final sign off and distribution. We offer a one-stop-shop, from initial project briefs, design and styling, through to set build, photography and retouch.


Prior to any set build project, you will meet with our stylist who will discuss set designs and ideas such as styles, props and colours, before creating a scheme board to illustrate the look and feel of the final set. Once approved by you, the build will take place and will be ‘propped’ and decorated in the chosen style.

Another benefit of using Overview Studios is our huge in house prop store with many designer names featured within it. With over 500 props, from sofas to soap dispensers and everything inbetween, all ready for use on sets, we are able to bring down the cost to you by using our in house range to furnish and decorate your set.


CGI offers many benefits for the interiors market, the major advantage being the cut in cost of physically building the set, as well as the logistics of transporting the product to the photography location. Another major benefit of CGI is the ability to create products that are not yet in production, without the high cost of manufacturing prototypes.

Show products still in development

One of the major benefits of CGI is the ability to create a product that is yet to be launched, manufactured or sold, without the cost of expensive prototype creation. CGI models can be created from a drawing or plan, without the physical product being produced.

Revisit sets time and time again

Unlike photography, where the set is usually built for one shoot and deconstructed at the end of the job, CGI sets remain forever, and can be revisited and adapted at any time in the future. This allows for new product, styles or designs, to be added in to an existing set at a fraction of the cost of an entirely new layout.

Anything is possible

Well, almost anything. CGI offers the ability to create rooms and spaces that would be unfeasible or too costly to build in the real world for a photography project, allowing for more elaborate and detailed spaces.

An eco friendly alternative

CGI offers an eco friendly alternative to photography sets, with a dramatic drop in the cost of logistics as well as waste product after the shoot.

Show product in detail

Cameo/detail shots can be created within the set to show products or elements of the set in detail.

360 Product Photography

With the use of 360 photography on all your products, your items come to life. Be ahead of the game and make your site stand out from the others and be a market leader.