About us

Who are Overview?

Overview Studios first opened its doors in 1995 under the name ‘Overview Photography’. In 2013 we made the move to our new premises in Castleford, West Yorkshire and during this period it was decided the name ‘Overview Studios’ better suited the diverse range of services we now offered.

Over the years, we have adapted to a changing market. The largest of these changes has come with the introduction of CGI, or ‘Computer Generate Imagery’ and 360 imagery, becoming a key player in our field. CGI and 360 not only offers advantages over traditional photography, but also allows for all elements to work together, to create stunning results. By offering these services, we can offer the full packaging, tailoring solutions that are right for your needs.


• Over 3,500 sq ft of studio space
• Huge selection of props in house
• In house set build, styling and re-touch
• Joinery workshop in house
• High speed wireless internet access allowing you to work away from the office
• Office space, meeting room, model changing area and food preparation facilities
• Free on site parking

How do we do it?

We offer a one-stop-shop service to all our customers. We do it all, from the initial design stages at story board level, through to 3D plans and designs, followed by the set build itself, styling and of course photography along with final image re-touch. By keeping everything in house, we keep the cost to you down to a minimum as well as speeding up the entire process as communication between stages is much easier and faster.


We use top of the range Apple Mac computers in all our studios. Each computer is linked to an internal network infrastructure where data is stored. This then allows us to quickly and easily access files and data for each client or project from any location. Using this system also provides clients with instant access to their files via our website or via FTP.

We use Hasselblad medium format cameras with PhaseOne digital backs to achieve the highest image quality providing you with extremely high resolution images which easily surpass those of regular digital cameras or even DSLR’s. When lighting roomsets, we use Profoto lighting to achieve dynamic and formative results.

All CGI design is also conducted in house and final products rendered using our powerful in house render farm.

360 Product Photography

With the use of 360 photography on all your products, your items come to life. Be ahead of the game and make your site stand out from the others and be a market leader.